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09:09am 11/03/2009
  Hello Kittens!

I've finally gotten around to starting an Esty page!  Hoorah!

Peachy Keen Boutique is a way for me to offload my latest crafting obsessions which have begun to clutter up my house.  I've also started a facebook group where I can post images of things that I've done, even if they've sold or are not for sale.

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10:13am 20/03/2008
mood: accomplished
Ola mes compadres! Yendo a México!

I haven't posted in forever, and since that forever, Jamie and I have purchased our first honky vacation to Mexico.  We're tired.  We're overworked.  We're underpaid. We need some serious R&R.  And that R&R is going to come in the form of an all-inclusive vacation that includes 2 swim-up bars and a swim-up jacuzzi. We're blowing this pop-stand on May 4th, at 7:00am, non-stop to Cancun, then down the coast to Akumal! Hoorah!  Our dear friends Margot and Torin will be accompanying us, so the boys can hide in the shade and play their DS while Margot and I chase sea-turtles and lizards.  Pictures to follow ;)

Speaking of photographic evidence, I've been busy procrastinating from my school work through the medium of knit.  I present another installment of my whimsies.

I've got about 5 more little critters in various stages of completion, with no intent to stop there as I can plow through two a day if I've got nothing better to do, like study, write a paper, work etc.  If only knitting needles were allowed on airplanes.  *shakes fist*

have a happy first day of spring everyone *skips off to molest her daffodils and glower at her landlord who is forbidding Bunny to plant anything in the yard until the house sells*
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04:52pm 15/01/2008
mood: amused

.seriously, watch this for the lulz.   
04:45pm 15/01/2008
mood: indescribable


PS: actual update coming soon...yes, i'm still here.
.shipping perfume from the US.   
08:38am 12/10/2007
mood: blah
Hey all,

has anyone had any experience shipping perfume up from the states, say, via ebay?  I thought I'd ask all of the resourceful people out there in Victorialand.  I'm dug around on customs and postal sites, but all I find is that some goods, including perfume are subject to tax and duties, while an ebay merchant says the duties are upwards of 50%, she 'thinks'.  So I'm looking for anyone with firsthand experience!  Anyone?

Thanks a bunch!
.Kushi part deux.   
11:05am 30/08/2007
mood: calm

As with Lucky, we decided to take some crappy movie clips of Kushi last night as we lounged on the couch.  The quality sucks, but you get the idea.  Once more, we find ourselves wanting a digital video camera.  *sighs* 

.two minus one is one plus one is two.   
12:46pm 29/08/2007
mood: tired
Lil' Poot has passed on to the great food dish in the sky, rathala, to join his dearly departed brother, Big Stank, and his numerous sisters.

Not wanting Doom Doom to be alone, we have acquired a new fur baby until the fur baby from the breeder is old enough to come home and join the brood. (I know we said we were phasing the army out, but rats are like chips, you can't have just one..or none at all)

small enough to roll into a spliff!

In other news, for those not in the know, I'm going back to school *hangs head and sighs*  2 classes in the fall and 2 in the spring.  If all goes according to plan, I'll be starting full time next september for 16 months in the elementary school teacher PDP program.  Hoorah!

For now, full time, plus school, plus internship = what the fuck am doing?!?!
1 year = 4 years...hoorah!   
09:48am 20/08/2007
mood: groggy
Yesterday, Jimmothy and I celebrated the first anniversary of our Reckoning, and subsequently, 4 years of being a nauseatingly in-love couple.  We went an ate disgusting amounts of sushi, came home and cuddled up on the couch with a bottle of champagne, where I promptly fell asleep.  *sighs*  Its ok.  See, I'm not upset because there will be more anniversaries and more days than I can shake a stick at, which means plenty more opportunities not to fall asleep on the couch like the lush that I am!

Happy anniversary bebe!

.The mouth of the river is laughing at us, Junebug.   
02:57pm 14/07/2007
mood: amused
So I'm sitting on the couch, conquering chapter a particularly nasty drake on FF X-2, when Jamie comes in the door from work, only to stop dead in his tracks, point at the ground and go 'crikey! lookit the size of that one!'  (he didn't actually say crikey, but it adds a nice flavour).  Now, normally, when people point to the floor and gasp at the size of something on it, I'm not immediately inclined to investigate because its probably a spider, a turd or something else icky.  In this particular instance, I did look and I found this:

I decided the best way to approach the little guy would be to poke him.  So i did.  And he hissed at me!  I swear to god, it was like someone was in my ear going 'SSssssSSstttt!!!!!!" it was so loud.  So naturally, after much apprehension I wrestled Mc Hissington onto my lifted grade 12 copy of Of Mice and Men, and took some photos.  As it turns out, what we have here is a what is commonly called a june bug, or, a ten-striped hissing beetle.  Fucker was HUGE.  Observe:

and one more for good measure: Mc Hissington reads a fine piece of banned literature:

After his lordship's photo op, I released him into the wilds of my planter box.  It was good while it lasted, but we'd grown apart.
.busy bee.   
10:46am 11/07/2007
  I'll say it once and only once, just to get it out of the way: Holy hell its hot out.  There.  Lets move on, shall we?

I'm in a really comfortable place right now with my life.  Its been a while since I could say that, and while yes, I still hate my job with a burning passion, theres a very noticeable light at the end of the tunnel.

Last Thursday, I went on one of my networking meetings that I've been arranging with various employers in the community, and basically wrangled myself an internship for the fall.  Its not going to be paid, aside from a stipend, but I'll be able to keep my job while I do it, and get both experience and letters of reference from relevant sources pertaining to my career path, as opposed to retail.  As well, the meeting brought out a couple of potential job leads.  Of course, none of the leads pays particularly well, but they're non-retail and again, lead me more in the direction of the career I want, while leaving time for other interests, like knitting, interior design and whatnot. 

Yesterday I came home from work (via bike...up Gladstone street..UP, not down, oh god, so hot, so tired) to discover Ryan sitting on my couch reading our graphic novels, which was perfect because it meant a) the doors to my house were open, meaning it was infinitely cooler and the animals weren't nearly as stifled and b) I wanted to go swimming with Ryan and had been planning on calling him anyways.  A simple trip to the pool though turned out to be a much more drawn out adventure and the perfect way to spend a scorching afternoon and evening.

Firstly, we got sushi at Fugiya and sat in the shade outside munching away, watching traffic, after which we proceeded to Hillside mall to revel in the air-conditioned splendor and to try and find non-assholey man sandals for Ryan and potentially Jamie.  After our sushi had digested, we went to Crystal pool and bobbed around in the seemingly unending coolness of the ozone treated pool.  It was during our bobbing, that we decided we should hit up Winners for sandals and summer wear.  So we did.  A bag of accessories, a demure cardigan, a yacht-rock shirt and shiny red colander later, we retreated back to my place for glasses of ice water, more graphic novels and knitting.  However, having been up since 5:30 am, I ended up meandering towards the boudoir around 10:30 to "just lay down in front of the fan for a minute", where I promptly passed out.

This year, my feeble attempt at creating a garden in a rented yard has vastly improved.  Observe:

The baby's tears, japanese blood grass and spiky plants whose name fails me at the moment have really come around, giving the cement garden a much more natural and chaotic feel.  I couldn't resist however, the daisy like bushes at the oak bay garden shop, and so threw them in.  I think they work.  Don't mind the octopus, one of the tenants keeps moving him around the yard, even though I keep putting him back where he is supposed to be, which is not here.

Also, my hanging basket prowess has greatly improved as well this year.  Last year, I didn't bother taking pictures because it was just kind of  sad.  This year, not so!

Also, knitting is still a mainstay of my free time:

And of course, who can live without a bajillion home-knit dishcloths?!

Well, thats all for now.  Time to go feast on fruit and cool non-fat yogurt.  Mmmm.
.heaven is a feeling i get in your arms.   
08:04pm 17/06/2007
mood: lazy
Radical political activism really gets me going, so it only stand to reason that when I read something like this, I need to run and grab a fresh pair of underpants.

""We're not talking about killing anyone," added the "NPC rep." "We're talking about using them after nature has done the hard work. After all, 150,000 people already die from climate-change related effects every year. That's only going to go up - maybe way, way up. Will it all go to waste? That would be cruel."

William Blake is pissing himself in his grave.

And now, I leave you with this:

.gotta getst me a new jorb.   
11:12am 23/05/2007
mood: grateful
I hate my job.  But you know what I hate almost more than that (if you even care...)?  Writing resumes and cover letters.  Fuck is that shit banal.  JUSTIFY YOUR EXISTENCE!  DEFINE YOUR SKILLS!  LIST REFERENCES!  KISS OUR ASS!  *sighs*  1 application down, infinity more to go.

Aside from that, yesterday was sale day at Le Boutique.  Geh.  9 1/2 hour work days are the suck.  No amount of free sammiches, naniamo bars or veggie trays can take away from th pain of sale day.  The silver lining to my evening was, however, a visit from Margot, who provided a much needed distraction from the hoards, and the promise of hooking up with Shandy after work to exchange B-Day gifties.  I am spoiled by the ladies in my life, as a general rule, but I have to say, Shandy knocked my socks off last night with this:

The ever so-talented Shandsters PAINTED this for me.  FOR ME!  What makes it entirely awesome, is that I've vainly always wanted a portrait of myself, but loathed to have something glamour-shot-esque.  Even more rad-tacular, is the painting is based on a impromptu photo shoot Shandy and I did a couple months back with her new camera.  She had done my makeup and hair and we were fucking around with different props.  So theres me, wearing a cami, pearls and brandishing a pair of knitting needles like I mean business.  And I do mean business.  I love the use of layering, and the hue of the blue is fantastic.  I'm very much into robin's egg blue right now, and this particular shade is intoxicating.

I can't begin to describe how much I appreciate my friends and family on days like this.  If it weren't for my super awesome support group of my ladies (Ryan included) and my Jamie, I think I'd have gone off the deep end long ago.

(And yes, thats a picture of Jackie, Bliss and I sitting naked in a pond in the elaho valley drinking beers.  Like I said, muh ladies keep me going)
.book learnin'.   
06:25pm 15/05/2007
mood: accomplished
I love me some books. Oh boy, oh boy.

Its been a busy month, my birthday has come and gone, curry was had, sushi was had, ice cream and whack-a-mole games were had. And yesterday, Jamie and I went apeshit and blew a bunch of hard earned money on a slew of reading material.

For starters, we invested in some graphic novels, the first of which is called "Battle Pope":

Yup. Thats Jesus behind him all right. I was recommended this by a coworker, who will get two hearty thumbs up when I see him next. Basically, The Rapture comes and goes, leaving all the non-believers and sinners behind, of which the pope is one of. His boozing, womanizing, swearing and generally blasphemous ways have barred him entry from heaven. That is, until Sergeant Archangel Michael gets captured by The Devil, who is now freely roaming earth. Its up to the Pope to save the day (and his soul), with the help of his good pal, Jesus. <3

Next up, we have The Walking Dead. We came across this while searching out Battle Pope:

As you may or may not know, Jamie and I love Zombies. And by love, I mean fear and loathe and constantly stay on alert for. This series is AMAZING. Not only is the art fantastic, but the storyline is any Zombie-fan's wet dream. Cop gets shot, goes into a coma, wakes up and everything's gone to shit in a shit basket. However, unlike most Zombie movies/stories/etc, this series really focuses on the general collapse of civilization and the human stories that unfold during that collapse. The thing I dislike about most Zombie stories (besides all the god damned zombies) is that fact that once the group of survivors you're following die/escape, the story ends. Fin. But what happens AFTER they escape or die? What about the other survivors out there? The author of this novel (the same guy who does Battle Pope) promises that this series will continue for a goodly amount of time. sweet.

We also picked up the first issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8. I was dubious, but so far, its pretty damned good. Even the comic book store guy said it was good. And if the guy who spends his life reading comic books says its good, then it has to be great. I for one, am not disappointed. As a die-hard Buffy fan, I was skeptical, but the art and storyline delicately weave in where season 7 left off, without clubbing the reader over the head. I'm definitely excited to see where this goes.

In addition to those graphic novels, we picked up 2 novels I'd heard good things about.

'Lullabies for Criminals' follows the life of Baby, a girl who lives with her heroin addict father who has a knack for weaving fantastic stories. I have to admit though, I'm much more stoked on 'The Time Traveler's Wife'. Its a story about Clare and Henry, who have been in-love forever, because Henry travels through time. The only catch is, he can't control it. He just blinks in and out, back and forth across time, encountering Clare at various stages in her life. I'm having an enormously hard time putting this one down. Its beautifully written, lovely and tragic. I highly recommend you get out of your chair immediately, grab your wallet and proceed to your nearest bookstore and obtain this book.

In completely non-book related things, here is an amusing video I took today (my first time!) using my shitty little camera, of Lucky the Wondershit, going to town on a catnip plant I bought:

Adorable, n'est pas?
.life as we know it.   
10:23am 10/04/2007
mood: annoyed
Its been a busy month in Bunny land, that whimsical place of musty thrift store hell-holes, lush indoor tropicals and skeins of yarn rolling all willy nilly across the vast berber tundra we call "the Carpet".

Kira came out a few weeks ago and we dined on scads of raw fish and rice with sesame sauce, then retired to her penthouse suite to lounge in the soaker tub with glasses of red wine in hand and Daft Punk "Live at Coachella" playing over the sounds of bubble jets.  It been great because Kira was trapped in Port McMeef the past few months, so I've seen her more in the past few months than I have in a year really.  Its nice to foster friendships with people who knew you when you were a different person, fresh and naive, untainted by the harsh realities of this so-called-life.  Hah!  Do clouds dream?  I know, I know, what a sap. 

Speaking of Daft Punk, our tickets to the Seattle show arrived in the mail last week.  Thats right folks, Jim-bob and I are going to mother-fucking Daft Punk.  And to make things even better, we're not only going with Kira and Ross, but Jackie's on the band wagon, as well as a slew other people who have passed in and out of both our lives at one point or another.  It's going to be AWESOME.

and now it is time for the peek-chors!  Quite frankly, I find all text posts boring. 

Firstly, In the last 2 years I have been developing my budding tea-habit that I started in 1st year University upon the discovery of the soothing properties of earl grey with too much milk and sugar.  To that End, I've been expanding my choice of drinking vessels and Tea pots, so that each tea selection have a perfect match, which I firmly believes adds to the tea's overall enjoyment.  Now normally, I drink almost primarily tea from Victoria's Silk Road Tea Company, 'cuz its delish, but I stumbled upon this particular brand at the Harvey Nichols boutique in Oak Bay, and decided to try a couple.  Each bag costs a little over $2, which I thought was a little steep *chortle chortle, guffaw guffaw*, but I'd heard good things so plucked up a bag of the Black Currant tea (self explanatory) and a bag of Oasis (green tea, spring blossoms and citrus).  Oh.  My. Goddess.  Amazing is really the only word to describe these amazing little silk bags of perfection.  The green tea was subtle and floral, without being overly dry, as I find green teas have a tendency to be.  The currant tea was robust without the acrid tannins that often accompany black teas, particularly those with fruit.  Not to mention, the tea itself is visually pleasing, which I firmly believe is essential for tea enjoyment.  Tea should involve smell, sight and taste, else you're just drink soggy leaf water.  Observe:

Is that not a posh cup of tea?  I also stumbled upon this tea-related delight the other day while picking up some tea-lights at Capital Iron:

It is the most perfect tea pot ever.  For those so inclined, there are also clear tea pots (for blossoming tea varieties) as well as white kneeling camels, black and white damask tea pots, as well as a slew of other tea and coffee related drinking apparatuses.

While on the topic of wild life in the kitchen, I spotted a rare curly-haired computer nerd in the kitchen yeasterday, making *gasp* gnocci from  scratch!

And finally, the latest of my completed creative endeavors:

I had all this scrap eyelash yarn from family scarf project last year, so I whipped up (and by whipped I mean slogged through for 3 months cuz it was so damned easy and boring) this cat bed from Stitch and Bitch.  Lucky is learning to love it.  And by learning I mean being seduced by copious amounts of catnip being deposited on the bed on a daily basis.

PS: Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn and John = teh shizzle.  Look it up on you tube NOW.
.even technobaubbles need a hug.   
03:49pm 04/03/2007
mood: bouncy
In my latest knitting endeavors, I've been making baby booties, baby boleros, baby blankets and a slew of other infant related goodies for a friend whom is expecting very shortly.  That, or she has somehow managed to swallow a medicine ball.  However, I got bored with the theme of 'bebe' the other night, and decided it was high time I protect my ipod from the perils of my purse.  Sure, ipods come with little black sleeves, but seriously, those are LAME.  So I created this:

which also does this:

my camera does not do the yarn I used any sort of justice.  The pink is a much more salmon pink.  And the gold thread looks much richer.

In other news, Jamie and I made the huge decision not to move this summer, but move the next.  I know, I know.  We promised we were going to move this summer. However, upon weighing in our financial situation, we decided it would be more financially responsible to wait  another year before moving.  Jamie will just be finishing school and won't have enough ching-ching to contibute to the move.  Meanwhile, I'm tentatively searching for a sweeter gig.  In addition, I've networked a chance to gain some interior design experience with Jamie's employer.  While I was dying to get into school this year, it would financially ruin us (further) move over and have me quit working for school, and furthermore, my chances of getting in will be so much better after I'm able to build a portfolio and get letters of reference from this opportunity. 

So there it is, the Coc-Born syndicate  is sticking around for at least another year.  But after that, we'll fuck off to Vancouver.  Promise.
.weekend update with yours oh-so-truly.   
11:55am 20/01/2007
mood: annoyed
It's been forever since I updated and I could make all these excuses like "Christmas, oh man, so busy" or "New years, oh man, so busy" or what have you, but it basically comes down to the simple fact that aside from reading the news, my friends pages and my rag-mags, I'm simply not in front of the computer as much anymore, and I like this.  That being said, for those inquiring minds: christmas was lax, spent with the in-laws in Brooks, Alberta (yeehaw ya'll!) and New Years was spent giggling with Margot, Torin, Ryan and Jamie at a friends house and Lucky, where Margot and I annoyed the shit out of our compadres by slapping the tables repeatedly.  *grin*

However, despite my absence, I am not one for shunning my beloved box, I've simply been indulging in more creative pursuits outside of the computer.  I have however, been slowly, painfully, teaching myself Auto CAD from a "Dummies" book that I got for Christmas from my Bob and Judy, my parents-in-not-so-law.  I have to say, while I'm normally the type to smirk at "... for Dummies" volumes, this one has been incredibly helpful in learning the basics of auto CAD so I can produce something for my portfolio for Kwantlen's Interior Design program.

Auto CAD delight aside, I've recovered chairs (bead-work rungs yet-to-be-completed):

(note: while the before picture is neatly filed away for comparison, I assure you, dark green paint and 80's floral motif =/= hot)

I am all over the black on white Damask prints that are in vogue right now. 

Creative pursuits aside, Jamie and I find ourselves buckling down into saving/managing our finances for our Big Move in June to the mainland.  I keep having nightmares of botched moves, rejections from school and leaky housing.  Those of you, dear readers, who know me well KNOW the mode of panic that I enter into when making large life changes.  I've been buzzing along the edge of sheer panic and useful agitation for a month now with no end in sight.  I'm fairly confident I'll get into school, and I'm sure we'll find a decent place to live, but massive change has always rattled me, a person who lived in the same house in the same city for 16 years before moving away to Victoria, and if you were in my life for that, you'll recall my state of mind at that point. eek. 

Aside from a case of the jitters and anxieties about missing all of our friends, Jamie and I both heartily agree that it is high time to shake our tails to the mainland.  We're stagnating.  We go to the same restaurant, rarely go out and find nothing of interest to do in this city anymore.  We want something of a nightlife, the notion of going to desirable shows at a moments notice, not having to plan out ferries and days off.  We want employment opportunities and room to grow.  We've got our eyes set on purchasing something resembling a home within 5 years.  I'm personally looking forward to spending more time reconnecting with old friends, a taste of which I had while house sitting in White Rock this past October.  I want time spent with family, without having to keep one eye on the time and and another on the ferry schedule.  Jamie's parents will be retiring out to the coast within the next 2 years, and are looking to settle on the sunshine coast, which means that living on the lower mainland will provide more opportunities to visit with them.  Still, I'm not looking forward to leaving my friends behind, whom I fondly regard as the group of friends I wanted in high school but never had.  The promise of at least 2 of our coupled friends also moving out to the mainland within the next 4 years keeps me smiling.

I'm on day 3 of a 7-day work week, wrongly planned by my store manager who spends more time in the back than in the front of the store (where I work) and whom I suspect has been smoking crack.  he needs a better dealer.  Thankfully, upon complaining to MY boss, said manager has improved the schedules for next month. Thank. God. 

With that said, I'm off to prepare for closing on a Saturday night. Geh. Hell is supervising staff and keeping the sales floor clean at Value Village on a Saturday.
.obligatory snow photo post.   
02:29pm 26/11/2006
mood: silly
Ok, so when it snows in Victoria, the shit hits the fan.  It kinda chaps my hide when people go on about how people need to chill and rive like responsible people blah blah blah, but the truth is, it rarely snows this much in Victoria.  For the people born and bred in this fair city, where exactly are they supposed to get the practice of safely driving in the snow?  Getting around?  Not running out into the middle of the road and screaming "Why have you forsaken me!?  The sky is falling?!"?

Well, ponder away while you feast your eyes on these babies.  Yes, I actually left our nest to grab these bad boys...

.i am Alpha and Omega.   
10:24am 25/11/2006
mood: chipper
Goodness gracious, how time flies!

Its been a busy few weeks around the Cocborn/Stilcar household.  Our new cat, Lucky has settled in quite nicely, mind you he misses his mom, Jackie a lot.  I've gone to work knitting him a fluffy, cat-nip infused bed to replace the raggedy blanket we've set for him at the end of the bed.

In more important Bunny related news, today is my last day with Escents.  Frankly, I just couldn't handle balancing 15 hours there with the rest of the time at Value Village, which resulted in having two 10 hour shifts a week between the two places, as well as working 6 days a week.  However, as of Thursday, I was promoted to the status Slave Driver (re: supervisor) at Value Village. Muahahahaha!  I got a paltry, albeit welcomed raise, full time, full bonuses, and i get medical and dental.  The downside is my schedule will be a lot  more varied and will include on average two closing shifts a week.  At this point in the game, I don't really care.  I just want full time.  I want money to pay off debt and to save for our move to Vancouver.  Plus, the current staff at VV are really quite charming, and the supervisor team is kick ass.

I can't believe its almost December.  Geh!  Jamie and I bought cheap "milk Chocolate" advent calendars yesterday, as per our tradition.  I briefly contemplated getting us Roger's Chocolate ones, but  I figure the holiday is filled up enough with good chocolate, why bother paying $10 for such a calendar, when a $1.28 will suffice.  I was a little worried about gifts this season, but last week it was made apparent that this December will be not only a three paycheque month, but i will get a "holiday gift" (re: cash money motherfuckers!) from Value village, a $75 dollar hallowe'en bonus from Value Village and this pay period I've worked about 90 hours.  Normally, I don't worry about money and gifts, because I truly believe it is the thought that counts, but having spent a month and half off work and only having been reimbursed a fraction of my wages, I'm currently more than a little bit behind financially.  Which means, I don't even have enough to make gifts, aside from knitted ones, and while my knitting skills have definatly improved along with my speed, there is no way I can knit every person a gift this year.  Scarfs are one thing, mittens, slippers and pedi-socks are another.

On December 23rd, Jamie and I will be traversing to Brrrrrrooks, Alberta to spend the Holidays with his family.  This will be the first year I don't spend Christmas with my friends and family at home, but I think I'll manage.  We're still looking for New Years eve plans.  We will NOT be leaving the island, but open our house to anyone wishing to come over and party with us.  We're most likely going to pick a bar that has been known to suck the least, go out and proceed to take a few months off our life.  We don't do it often, so I  figure why not join in with the rowdy drunkards of New Years eve and let loose.

Tonight, if its not going to start too late, Jamie and I will be going to see MUX at the Jungle Room. PA/Techno.  What can I say, 303s make me wet.  If it does start too late, we've decided to go cry our eyes out, er, my eyes out, and see The Fountain and have a dinner somewhere nice. 

Also, stay tuned, this Wednesday, Jim and I are getting haircuts.  Not such big news for me, but Jim has decided to take a break from his flowing locks in favour of a shorter 'doo.  Photos to come

Alright, thats enough boring information pertaining to my semi-charmed life.  I will leave you all with a picture of our new room mate, Lucky the Vocal One, chillin' and illin' on our bed, contemplating which pile of clothes to pee on next:

.mistress bunny takes a bath.   
08:48pm 16/11/2006
mood: relaxed
As many of you know (or don't), I love a good bath.  And, as many of you know, I haven't had a good one in a long time.  I practically lived in the bath tub for the last few years of my degree.  Its amazing how easy it is to stay in the bath and read journal articles and reports and analytical papers from front to back when the alternative is to write a paper based on those readings. 

Alas, we moved to a house last may who's tub was sadly inefficient (along with the rest of the house...), its basin shallow and hot water tank feeble.  Then, Jamie and I moved here! Joy of joys!  Ample hot water, a deep enough bath tub and central heating!  However, my joy was not to last.  Whereas back in my old apartment, I could line the sides of the tub and surrounding floor with tea, water, books, scrubs, soaps and assorted goodies, the new bathtub is enclosed by a glass screen, and where the door opens, a thin ridge of steel keeps the water in.  This means no ledge space and no leaning over to grab items off the floor.  Boo!  A bath is not a bath if i half to hold my tea  and book at the same time!  That, my dears, is work. And baths are the Anti-Work. 

Recently, on a trip to the Richmond Ikea, Jamie and I stumbled quite unexpectedly across the missing piece of my bathtime puzzle!  A Bath-tub caddy!!  In wood no less!  I figured even if it slanted across the metal ridge, it would still help with achieving bath-time bliss.  I was, however, pleasantly surprised to discover upon my arrival back home, the the tray fits perfectly!

The Perfectness of The Bunny's Bath

The tray JUST fits before the metal bar, which gives one an idea of how cramped the little glass bath-tub box is.

From left to right, Items For a Divine Bath:
Buffy the Backside slayer (Large), Mudflats detoxifying soap, Coal-face facial cleanser, 1 loofah, 1 devil ducky, 1 copy 'Jane Sexes It Up: True Confessions of Feminist Desire" and 1 mug, perfect-drinking temperature, of vanilla plantation and roobios tea w/ cream type substance.  All of this is suspended aloft a sea of creamy Hot Milk bubble bath.  The only thing missing from this picture, besides my naked man-servant, is of course, one chunk 80% cocoa.  *sighs*  A girl can dream, can't she?

Oh yah, and I quit my job at Escents' yesterday. 1 job down, 1 to go.
.The Stupid never ceases to amaze me.   
02:49pm 09/11/2006
mood: irritated
*bangs head against wall repeatedly*

So I'm sitting here knitting up a scarf and watching the TeeVee, Cold Case Files* to be exact, when the chief investigator says, in regards to a woman who had been found murdered in her home:

"it appeared to be a sexual assault gone bad."


WTF?!?!!!11  As opposed to a sexual assault gone right?  Sexual assault gone wild?! 

This is the ultimate in Freudian slips, brilliantly illustrating the way sexual assault is thought of in relation to other crimes.  Yah, one could argue that that is not what the investigator was getting at, but we don't always say what we wanna say.  Like that time you were telling aunt Flo about how much you loved fucking horses, when you meant to say riding horses, but what you were thinking about while telling that story was boning your girlfriend who owns horses, in the barn, next to the horses, and how it was oddly exciting.  May not be what you meant, but its so close to the mark, the association is more than a little scary.

Yet another reason why I don't like to leave my house.

*For those without access to idiot boxes and teh cable, Cold Case is a reality type teevee show that explores how cases that had/have been cold for a long time with seemingly no leads are ultimately solved.